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Thu Nov 26 05:44:44 UTC 2020

Hi Evan,

my name is Torsten and I am from Germany.

I have enlistet myself in the Xubuntu mailinglist before round about two
My motivation was and is to learn more about the development of
Xubuntu/XFCE and to bring in new ideas and concepts for the Xubuntu-roadmap.
I'm looking forward to many interesting mails with you and the Xubuntu

Best Regards

Am 24.11.20 um 15:42 schrieb Evan Egenolf:
> Hi,
> My name is Evan Egenolf and I am petroleum engineer in Wyoming. I use
> Xubuntu as my daily driver, and would like to help contribute in
> whatever way I can (both donation of time and contributions).
> The first step I was told was to introduce myself on the mailing list!
> Hope to hear from you all.

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