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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Fri May 15 12:55:53 UTC 2020

I disagree with this sentiment.

For example, somebody from Colombia (where Spanish is the official 
language) is less likely to think the Spanish flag represents their 
language than us non-Spanish speakers who are not from Colombia.

When you switch it the other way around, it doesn't get much better: 
Finnish, my native language, is hardly spoken anywhere else than in 
Finland, so theoretically the Finnish flag could be seen as a 
representative of the language. However, it is not, and I do not 
consider the Finnish flag to be representative of the Finnish language; 
using the native form "suomi" (note: languages are not capitalized in 
Finnish; "Suomi" is the name of our country) is way more representative.


On 14.5.2020 18.01, Yousuf Philips wrote:
> Though any language is spoken globally, it originates from one 
> country, and when people hear the name of a language, they will 
> associate it with the country that it came from and using that country 
> flag to present the language is useful IMO.

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