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Stephen Kellat alpacaherder at
Thu May 14 15:42:49 UTC 2020

My replies will be interspersed below.

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 07:01:23PM +0400, Yousuf Philips wrote:
> Yes i do agree that having multiple English translations seems weird and a
> waste of time for translators, so maybe we should consider not having
> multiples of it, similarly for French.

I thought we had removed the different English localities before I went away on the blank years.

> Though any language is spoken globally, it originates from one country, and
> when people hear the name of a language, they will associate it with the
> country that it came from and using that country flag to present the
> language is useful IMO.

To reiterate a point from the discussion Saturday that seriously gets into the long grass in terms of nationalism and nationalistic pride.  We must not go there.  This checklist from the federal department of Health & Human Services in the USA keeps it pretty simple about how to address multiple languages: "Present links to foreign language materials in their language.".  See:

> The likelihood of us having Canadian French and Canadian English is pretty
> much nil, so i doubt we'd ever have a Canadian flag, and that goes for most
> languages spoken outside of the main country where the language originated
> from, unless there is a large enough diversion of the language.

We wouldn't want to forget the languages spoken by First Nations in Canada either.

> We can take our installer slides as an example of what may come as future
> translations. English (Australia) and English (UK) and simply copy and
> pastes of the source English. French (Canada) is a copy and paste of
> French.
> Ultimately, if it is only me who sees this as a benefit, it won't be
> implemented and the issue can be voted on in an upcoming meeting to
> finalize a decision.

I don't have voting privileges these days but I will agree with Pasi on not utilizing flags.

Stephen Michael Kellat


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