Alternative defaults for swappiness and vfs_cache_pressure

Yousuf Philips ypharis at
Mon Mar 16 23:20:32 UTC 2020

Hi Team,

Was having a conversation on twitter about my suggested default presets and
someone suggested that we change our default settings for swappiness and
vfs_cache_pressure. I don't have enough knowledge about these underlying
settings when it comes to desktop performance, so i'm passing it along for
your review.

The person mentioned, "In terms of UX on Ubuntu derivatives, sysctl.conf is
a big one -- my settings are vm.swappiness=1 / vm.vfs_cache_pressure=50 /
vm.dirty_background_bytes=16777216 / vm.dirty_bytes=50331648 ..."

The person later on in the conversation linked to the below link about it

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