Proposal for additional pre-installed apps

Yousuf Philips ypharis at
Sat Mar 14 15:06:14 UTC 2020

Hi Team,

I would like to propose these additional apps be installed by default with

Disk Management [gnome-disk-utility]
As gparted isn't installed by default, this app provides the ability to
format a partition, set automount to partitions, mounting and writing of
disk images, and alot more.

Space Usage [baobab or mate-disk-usage-analyzer]
Its always useful to find out where space is being used in a drive or
folder, especially when you are running out of space.

GUI Package Manager [synaptic]
We have gnome software for an app store, apt for the terminal, but no GUI
for package management.

Panel Plugins
xfce4-clipman-plugin: Clipboard history is an excellent feature and without
this pre-installed, the discoverability of this feature is low (i've been
installing parcellite not knowing the xfce had its own clipboard manager as
its not available by default in the 'Add New Items' dialog) and it will be
used by my Windows 7 panel preset.
xfce4-appmenu-plugin: Useful plugin for those wanting a Mac or Unity feel
to their panels, and will be used by my Mac panel preset -

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