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Thu Apr 30 19:28:25 UTC 2020

Hi Stephen,

Your patch was already added into the main google doc I created for
documentation tasks, so that it could be discussed during the docs meeting
that is planned for this Saturday at 3pm UTC. Though not installed by
default, apt-offline is still in the repo, which means that it still can be
used, similar to how python 2 is.

I wouldn't call apt-offline broken because it can't install chromium
because now its a snap, as it is no different then trying to install
flashplugin-installer or ttf-mscorefonts-installer which require an
internet connection and are mentioned in the same documentation page. I did
a quick duckduckgo search and there are means to install snaps offline or
download them similar to how apt-offline works, and then install them

I'm of the opinion that as long as apt-offline still works, there is no
harm to keep its info in the documentation, as there are many places in the
world that don't have regular internet, where being able to do offline
upgrades would still be useful. But I would agree that less priority should
be put on it in the world we live in and its position as chapter 10 could
be moved down to the bottom.


On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 7:19 AM <smkellat at> wrote:

> Hello!
> Yes, I posted a bug with patch to scour *all* references to apt-offline
> across all the chapters of xubuntu-docs.  Before setting up a duplicative
> set of Google Docs for use in editing before glomming everything back into
> DocBook, review of the patch would be appreciated.
> The short of it is that apt-offline is pretty much broken for good now
> with the introduction of the chromium package being a shim that causes it
> to download and install the snap package of chromium.  Snap packages don’t
> have an offline install story to tell as their paradigm mostly assumes you
> *will* have connectivity.  Flatpak is a horrifying, messy hack for offline
> install that looks on par with just compiling it yourself.  As to Appimage,
> those don’t actually require install.
> The patch removes the outdated language, adds language advising that the
> current state of tech doesn’t really support offline install of packages,
> and makes other limited cleanup.  The world has moved on since I wrote the
> initial text just under seven years ago.
> I apologize for not being around.  Life has thrown up some roadblocks that
> I have had to deal with.
> Stephen Michael Kellat
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