[TEAM VOTE] Adding support for color emoji to Xubuntu

Sean Davis smd.seandavis at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 01:11:36 UTC 2019

Hello Team!

During the last community meeting, we briefly discussed bring color 
emoji to Xubuntu [1]. We're revisiting this now since Xfce 4.14 is just 
around the corner, bringing with it GTK+3 and native emoji support. In 
any native input or text area, you can now right click, select "Insert 
Emoji", and display an emoji picker [2]. Emoji are even supported in the 
terminal! Firefox and Thunderbird include their own native color emoji 
support. If emoji are going to be everywhere, I think users benefit from 
Xubuntu providing full support for them.

I've included screenshots to help with this vote [2]. The first 
screenshot shows the emoji picker as it is now, with non-color emoji 
populated. The second shows the same picker, but after color emoji 
support is enabled. The third screenshot shows the native emoji support 
in Xfce Terminal.

Please vote +1 if you are in favor of adding support for color emoji in 

To participate in this vote, you must be part of Xubuntu TeamĀ [3]. 
Please reply to this list with +1 to approve, -1 to reject, or 0 to abstain.

(heh, even the logs render color emoji at 22:45)

[2] https://imgur.com/a/UJgtYt1

[3] https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-team 

Many thanks,

Sean Davis (bluesabre)
Xubuntu Technical Lead

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