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Wed Jul 10 20:01:23 UTC 2019

 I completely agree, I set my panel to be 40 pixels high in Xubuntu. The default size is way too small. While it would still require me to change the height, 28 or 32 pixels would be a lot better.
I suggest avoiding 30 because it's not divisible by 4, but 24 and 32 are both divisible by 8.
We should optimize for modern resolutions like 1080p, of course other screen sizes exist and those users still have the option of changing the panel size.
P.S. The panel doesn't seem to work correctly when set to 50px or higher, which makes XFCE unusable on 4K displays to me.
    On Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 05:46:02 PM EDT, Yousuf Philips <ypharis at> wrote:  
 Hi All,
As part of my initial UI and UX work on Xubuntu, i've been focused on improvements to the panel properties dialog and I created a video with a number of suggestions < > and one of them was changing the default panel height. Below are the default panel sizes in other XFCE distros.
Manjaro 18.0.4 & Swag Arch 19.1: 27pxEnso: 28pxLinux Lite 4.4: 30pxLinux Mint 19.1 & GalliumOS 3.0: 32pxGalore: 38px
MX: 40px (panel is in Deskbar mode)

And these are from other distrosUbuntu Mate 19.10: 28pxLubuntu 19.10: 32pxKubuntu 18.04: 36px @ 800x600 and 30px @ 1368x768 or larger

My suggestion is to increase it to 28px which is the lowest even number from the sizes listed above and would allow 24px icons to appear in the panel with 2px padding above and below. It is the default I use both on my 1366x768 laptop and 1440x900 desktop. Alternatively we can go up one or two notches to 30px or 32px to have even more padding and improving the panel's visibility at 1080p and higher.

It might be good to reach out to the community on twitter and run a poll asking if poeple think it should be changed and what the new default should be. I havent filed this yet as a enhancement report on launchpad, as maybe the decision would be to make this change upstream.
Regards,Yousuf Philips
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