Xubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts Review

Yousuf Philips ypharis at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 21:32:16 UTC 2019

Hi Sean,

Wanted to inform the team that I've added Xfce-based Linux Lite and MX
shortcuts as well as Ubuntu shortcuts to the spreadsheet. Linux Lite
provided some useful info to notice.

   1. They have also set Super + L for lock screen
   2. They have set Ctrl + Shift + Escape for task manager, similar to
   windows, which I had suggested
   3. They have changed XFCE's default for Ctrl + Alt + Delete to
   logout/shutdown, similar to windows, which I had suggested

Though not previously mentioned in my last email, it should be obvious to
everyone in the team that we should really consider setting Super Left to
the whisker menu as its pretty much a standard on all linux distors
including the other 4 Xfce-based linux distros, Linux Mint Cinnamon, all
the Ubuntu flavours except Lubuntu, and of course Windows.

On Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 9:42 PM Sean Davis <smd.seandavis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Yousuf, thanks for your mail!
> These are definitely good suggestions, my thoughts below. To make each of
> the proposed changes, the Xubuntu Team would need to vote on the change for
> it to be made.
>    1. Ctrl + Alt + Delete: I agree that this should probably be replaced
>    with the logout dialog. After having used somebody else's non-Xfce computer
>    recently, it was a shock when this shortcut launched a logout dialog
>    instead of locking. If there's already a standard, it would be best to
>    align.
>    2. Super + E: A bit of history on this one, Windows uses this as a
>    command to launch Explorer (referenced by "e").  We use it to launch the
>    text editor (also referenced by "e"). Lubuntu and Mint are likely using
>    this for Windows converts to ease the transition. Manjaro's use of Ctrl +
>    Shift + F is likely in reference of "files".
>    3. Ctrl + Shift + Escape: This isn't currently used by anything else,
>    and would certainly have value-add as a known shortcut coming from Windows.
>    4. Ctrl + Space: This is also not currently used. We had considered
>    using Super + Space in the previous conversations about keyboard shortcuts,
>    but I think somebody recently mentioned that was reserved for Ibus. I don't
>    think Ctrl + Space is used for anything, so this might be a worthwhile
>    solution.
> Let's see what the others think. If there's no response, I'll bring this
> up in the next community meeting.
> Thanks again!
> On Jun 28 2019, at 9:32 pm, Yousuf Philips <ypharis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Xubuntu contributions and saw the meeting minutes about the
> keyboard shortcuts and wanted to suggest some changes based on research
> i've done testing a number of distros and personal experience when
> migrating to Xubuntu.
> 1. Changing Ctrl + Alt + Delete - Only XFCE distros use this for lock,
> while Ubuntu Mate, Kubuntu, Linux Mint Cinammon, and Windows use this to
> show the shutdown/logout dialog and think it would be good to change it to
> this. Also Super + L was added so there are now 3 shortcuts for Lock.
> 2. Changing Super + E - Only Xubuntu uses Super + E to open mousepad,
> while Lubuntu, Linux Mint Cinammon and Windows use this to open the file
> manager. Manjaro XFCE use Ctrl + Shift + F to open thunar, so this could
> likely be a secondary shortcut for it.
> 3. Setting Ctrl + Shift + Escape - Easy access to the task manager is
> something I find quite useful and utilizing the same shortcut as on Windows
> is a good idea, as we cant use Ctrl + Escape used by Kubuntu as that opens
> the application menu.
> 4. Setting Ctrl + Space - A number of application launchers use this
> shortcut to launch, likely because its similar to Mac OS's Cmd + Space, and
> i think it would be good to tie this to xfrun4, or alternatively appfinder
> or the whisker menu.
> I look forward to your feedback and working together with the team to make
> Xubuntu and XFCE better. The research i did of the distros can be found in
> this google doc.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CPvYS7Vb00nImb5cru6pwcMHFov0vmdzJV9dTBUOuYg/edit#gid=0
> Regards,
> Yousuf Philips
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