Thanks for the fish

flocculant flocculant at
Mon Apr 22 12:22:07 UTC 2019

As of today - I'll be saying cheerio to you all.

I've been about for a while - since sometime before September 2012 -
which is when I joined the Official Xubuntu Team.

Since then I've tried to keep QA going for us - with not much traction,
we currently have many less people testing (or at least testing and
letting us know via the trackers), and in May 2018 was voted onto the
Xubuntu Council.

I've now come to the end of the road - I have other things going on
which make the time available to me for Xubuntu to be drastically reduced.

The team will need in the near future someone to run the QA for us - and
you don't have to be some whizz kid - you don't have to be able to code

A proactive QA system needs to be in place for Xubuntu to be an Official
Flavour - it's part of the deal we have with Canonical/Ubuntu.

Of course - we also need a procactive QA system to keep Xubuntu going as
the best flavour.

Someone else out there needs to take up those reins now.

Talk to people on the dev mailing list - and of course on IRC.

Once you've made yourself known - I will be hanging about on IRC still -
and will happily help you. Of course I would also help you via e-mail as

Many kind regards to all of the members of the Xubuntu Team and to all
of you.

It's been a blast - mostly


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