Applying Xubuntu defaults to packages.

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Wed Nov 28 01:43:01 UTC 2018

We already do this with a few non-defaults.
- Compton, which is configured to integrate cleanly with Xubuntu.
- QT applications, which we have the configuration for but don't include
the needed qt5-style-plugins package.

The following applications already have support, but it's not enabled by
- Plank, Greybird has a native theme for Plank, but it's not enabled.
- GtkSourceView themes, included for Mousepad, compatible with Gedit and

There's likely other examples, but in areas where the hard work is already
done, why wouldn't we include the configuration to improve user experience
out of the box?

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 8:07 AM flocculant <flocculant at> wrote:

> This came up during the meeting on 23rd November.
> Looking for views on this - the discussion at the meeting commenced at
> 23:25.
> I'll start the ball rolling ...
> I am deeply dubious unless this can be done simply - if we end up with
> things done specifically per package, where do we end?
> My favourite? Your favourite?
> Cheers
> Kev
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