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Aaron Franke arnfranke at
Sun Nov 25 20:44:57 UTC 2018

 Not sure how much my vote counts, since I'm not an active Xubuntu dev, but:

While there are some computers out there that are still 32-bit, it's not worth it for Xubuntu to support them. 

Those users should install Lubuntu instead.
- Aaron Franke

    On Sunday, November 25, 2018, 7:10:02 AM EST, dave at <dave at> wrote:  
 While over half of my torrent seeds downloaded are 32bit and were well over 200gbs of downloads on the last lts release. I do understand the need to drop them.

So with a heavy heart. 

+1 from me.

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Subject: Team Vote - 32 Bit
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Moving forward with the 19.04 release we need, once again, to look at 32 
bit images.

Given that we will no longer are able to upgrade 32 bit installs (this 
started with the last release 18.10) and as discussed during the meeting 
of the 23rd November,  I propose we stop releasing 32 bit from now forward.

To have a vote that counts you need to be in the Xubuntu Team [1]

So, I am +1 to removing 32 bit from our images.




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