Panel plugin/Indicator plugin/Notification area/Notification plugin/Status Notifier Plugin on Xubuntu 18.04

Willem Hobers whobers at
Thu May 17 14:35:20 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I also feel more unification would be nice: with certain themes the 
icons (as far as their background colour is concerned) behave 
differently on my set up, depending on (I believe) whether they are 
panel or notification plugins - especially when using dark themes this 
is a bit of a nuisance when some icons become invisible.

Still: Xubuntu 18.04 is proving to be a rock solid release. Thanks for 
all the work.


Op 17-05-18 om 13:42 schreef Mariusz Kubański:
> Hello. I got to agree with Kolmar on that subject. I know that someone 
> can view this issue as small and unimportant, but I also think that 
> panel icons (plugins and applets) should be somehow more unified. They 
> really don't look good on bigger panels, like Kolmar said. And it 
> seems like there are three different plugins to handle very similar 
> things.
> I know that there are many more important things to do before 18.10 
> release (porting to GTK3, bug fixes etc.), but I hope that the 
> Xubuntu/Xfce devs will look at this issue in the future.
> Thanks and keep up the good work,
> Mariusz (Spass)
> W dniu 15.05.2018 o 22:03, Kolmar Kafran pisze:
>> Howdy dear fellows,
>> With the new Xubuntu 18.04 it's a little confusing how these items 
>> works together: panel plugins, indicator plugin, notification area 
>> and status notifier plugin. What's the best way to go? Within Xubuntu 
>> 16.04 I use notification area and indicator plugin and everything 
>> just works. Now I feel like there are a lot of these items to do the 
>> same thing. For example, now we have a new Power manager panel 
>> plugin. But on the power manager settings there is an option to show 
>> the power manager icon on notification area which works with 
>> notification area but doesn't with "status notifier plugin". Despite 
>> this, the notification area icon behaves differently from the power 
>> manager plugin.
>> One thing I love about XFCE is the panel because I like to use the 
>> panel on the vertical. With these new panel plugins (notification, 
>> power, sound etc), the icons size on a vertical panel 35px wide are 
>> huge. With notification area plugin its possible to set the maximum 
>> pixel size to 22px and everything sits nicely inside notification 
>> area. What should I do now? It seems like XFCE has implemented a lot 
>> of new features which just overlap other features that do the same 
>> thing. When you put everything together it looks like out of place or 
>> even a little buggy as things doesn't works as expected.
>> Thank you.
>> Kolmar Kafran
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