Testing Xubuntu 18.04: touchpad does not behave consistently in xfce4-terminal

Willem Hobers whobers at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 18:01:01 UTC 2018

Testing latest daily of Xubuntu 18.

The touchpad does not seem to behave consistently, at least when using 

In "Mouse and touchpad" (I hope this is the right English translation) I 
have ticked "reverse scroll direction".

In Firefox, or libreoffice Writer, Thunderbird things work as expected: 
when, on the touchpad, I "swipe" upwards with two fingers, the page goes 
up (and swiping down the page goes down).

In xfce4-terminal however the directions are reversed: up is down, and 
down is up.

I have tested with a mouse with a scroll wheel: in this case the 
behaviour is consistent: scrolling up is up, down is down, in 
xfce4-terminal as well as in other programmes.

Should I report this as a xfce4-terminal bug, of is this a bug of the 
mouse/touchpad configuration programme?

Thank you,


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