Three tests of Xubuntu Core 18.04 ISO

Emery Fletcher albinard at
Sat Mar 3 19:07:18 UTC 2018

Tested the 23 February AMD64 ISO dd’d to a USB

Computer: 2009-era Compaq, AMD CPU, BIOS, 3GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 6400 graphics

Test 1:
Opened to Try without installing page
Checked that existing installation (Core 17.10) was mountable
Then went to Install option, chose Erase and install, installed successfully

Installed LibreOffice, Nvidia driver, Firefox, Dropbox, Compiz for eye candy

Ran that version for a few days, very reliable.

Then decided to test installer some more, using same ISO version

Test 2:
Went directly to the Install option, chose no updates or restricted
used Something else option, set root and swap partitions
Installer crashed

Test 3:
Closed the announcement, returned me to the Try page
Chose install, same choices (Something else, root and swap)

Installed successfully

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