Proposing a small change in the Xubuntu website roles

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Aug 2 19:45:25 UTC 2018


Our current setup for the website roles structure is split in two:
1) Everybody in ~xubuntu-website gets the "administrator" role
2) Everybody in ~xubuntu-team gets the "Xubuntu Team member" role

The Xubuntu Team member role is obviously a custom role. It allows team 
members to edit all unpublished pages and posts, even if they were not 
their own posts. Additionally, it allows team members to upload files.

This role lands somewhere between the builtin "author" and "editor" 
roles [1].

The motivation to change this structure comes from the wish to add a new 
member to the website that should have a somewhat limited access to the 
website – much alike the team members – without adding them to the 
Xubuntu team. Consider this as the second step required before being 
approved to the Xubuntu team [2]:

    /1) Commit meaningful contributions to one of the subteams, after
    which one can be approved to the subteam for "probation" by a
    subteam administrator/

    /2) Demonstrate motivation to contribute perpetually, after which
    one can be approved to the Xubuntu team/

My proposal for the new role structure is as follows:
1) Everybody in ~xubuntu-website-admin (a new team) gets the 
"administrator" role
2) Everybody in ~xubuntu-website gets the "editor" role
3) Everybody in ~xubuntu-team gets the "editor" role

Only the technical administrators and those who need to tweak some 
non-content options really need the "administrator" role. Removing that 
from everybody who has required more power to edit the content (namely, 
people in ~xubuntu-website) helps us keep the site safer.

The builtin "editor" role has everything that the custom "Xubuntu Team 
member" role had and more, so those members are still able to edit all 
content they need to. Additionally, by dropping the custom role we 
decrease the delta with upstream WordPress.

Finally, the team membership and role structures sync much better now; 
the subteam is just a step to the main team, so it shouldn't grant more 
power to you automatically. (If you contribute to the technical 
administration though, you can still be granted the required permissions 
with the new team.)

I'm proposing myself and Lyz as the members for the new 
~xubuntu-website-admin team for now as we are the only two who require 
the administrator-level permissions.

If there aren't any objections to the above within a week (please reply 
to this thread if you think something's wrong!), I will change the 
structure according to the proposal.

That said, if you are in ~xubuntu-website and do not feel you 
specifically contribute to the website, feel free to leave that team. 
And *that* said, feel free to keep your membership as well; in the 
future it will not give you any extra permissions though.

(Phew, that was a lot for a small change. Sorry.)



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