Community wallpaper contest for 18.04

Dave Pearson dave at
Thu Sep 21 17:12:50 UTC 2017

I like the way we did it last time..

I wouldn't limit the number of submissions by each person..

thats a sure way of not getting enough..


On 21/09/17 13:03, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> Hello people,
> while we are still in the middle of the development cycle for 17.10, 
> I'd like to start the discussion about the potential (although likely) 
> community wallpaper contest for 18.04.
> We've ran the contest twice now, and the last time we used the 
> WordPress plugin specifically created for this purpose. Does anybody 
> think we need to tweak the tool – either how submissions or voting 
> works? If needed, I can set up a test contest (for the team) to 
> re-evaluate things.
> That aside, the main thing I wanted to talk about are the policies for 
> the contest. Last time we use the following guidelines:
> There are two main things I'd like to propose to change:
> First, I'd like to limit submissions to a certain number per person. 
> While I'd like to see the number of submissions go up, I would like 
> them to be from a bigger group of people. Additionally, this means 
> we'll make the submitters pick their best work instead of us having to 
> vote on it.
> Second, I would like to limit submissions to own work only. While this 
> means we are potentially excluding people from the contest, we are 
> still making the contest more about the community – not just a 
> community curated contest.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Pasi

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