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On 5 October 2017 at 12:25, flocculant <flocculant at> wrote:
> Had a quick look at that - seems fairly simple. Though it also appears that
> there should be moderators to deal with flags set by users? I assume that at
> least you (Alan) are one?

Discourse is mostly self-moderating, but yeah, I'm a site admin along
with my colleague Martin Wimpress (who recently got elected to the
Community Council). Happy to add leaders in the Xubuntu community as
mods, as you've earned it.

> I'm still of the opinion (from 4th) that if there should be a seperation of
> 'flavours' from Ubuntu there. And perhaps a discussion with other flavours
> as to how to go about that. eg Xubuntu/Kubuntu et all nested inside a main
> Flavours section - if there was a main section for each of the official
> flavours - going to get long on the front page

Happy to create those once you're ready to start posting content. I've
got a pipeline of Ubuntu related stuff lined up. I don't want to flood
the place with stuff this week, but drip some of it out. Also, some is
time sensitive / time critical so it makes sense to hold back. Maybe
you could plan some posts leading up to the 17.10 release. I'm
reluctant to have an empty category sat there waiting for content, but
happy to create it as and when you're ready - as I kinda sprung this
on you :)

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