New Ubuntu community hub and Xubuntu

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Thu Oct 5 11:25:36 UTC 2017

On 04/10/17 13:27, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 4 October 2017 at 13:08, Sean Davis <smd.seandavis at> wrote:
>> What level of moderation is available here?
> Most of the site is auto-moderated by people who frequent the site.
> It's possible to set specific people as moderators though.
> has more details.
Had a quick look at that - seems fairly simple. Though it also appears 
that there should be moderators to deal with flags set by users? I 
assume that at least you (Alan) are one?
>> Would we use this primarily as a
>> bulletin board or would we have some feedback loop? Sorry if some of this is
>> obvious, but I haven't used Discourse in the past and don't know how much of
>> this is structured.
> So the two main goals of the ubuntu community hub are to improve
> community communication and ease new contributors into the community.
> It's not designed to be a general user-discussion site, like Ubuntu
> Forums. The target audience is people who actually want to get
> involved. That can be from ISO testing, to packaging to translations
> and advocacy. We discourage technical support, because that's served
> well elsewhere (askubuntu / irc / forums).
> So I'd imagine if you wanted you could use it for open discussion of
> upcoming features in Xubuntu, package selection, calls for testing,
> announcements. Anything you might currently use irc or mailing lists
> for. Those conversations are often buried in a mailman archive or
> irclog somewhere, and not exposed where people who want to get
> involved can find. I appreciate many people are very wedded to the
> existing tools like irc/mail but if we want to expose more of what's
> going on and welcome new people, it can be a bit abrasive in 2017 to
> use those 'legacy' communication methods. :)
> That said, if you guys already have tools you use and you're happy
> with, there's no obligation or pressure from me to move everything to
> the community hub. I think it would be great if you did, of course,
> because it makes discovery easier, but no pressure :)
That all makes sense - and if by using it we are inclusive to a new 
group of people - all the better.

I'm still of the opinion (from 4th) that if there should be a seperation 
of 'flavours' from Ubuntu there. And perhaps a discussion with other 
flavours as to how to go about that. eg Xubuntu/Kubuntu et all nested 
inside a main Flavours section - if there was a main section for each of 
the official flavours - going to get long on the front page
> Cheers,


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