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On 20/05/2017 01:07, flocculant wrote:
> Hi Will - some comments/questions inline
> On 19/05/17 13:06, Will Cooke wrote:
>> ...
>> = QA =
>> Added upgrade tests from Zesty to Artful for Ubuntu and flavours.
>> Working on making all these tests pass now so that everyone will have
>> a solid and reliable upgrade path.
> Does this refer to what was previously at
> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/376/builds/148044/testcases for
> instance?
Yes, it's the same. We are working on making these results available 
publicly and adding more post upgrade tests.
The flavors currently covered are edubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, 
ubuntu-mate and kubuntu.

If you want to contribute, the project is on LP [1]

> I assume this also is part of the irc discussion on 20th?
>> Work is being done on the installer tests.  This will extend the
>> current installer tests to check that not only has the install
>> completed successfully but that all desktop environment is working as
>> expected, this had previously been covered with manual tests.
> Do flavours carry on the discussion here?
> Or are you talking about just Ubuntu - while I'd love for some
> autotesting of at least one flavour's iso - I wouldn't be partaking of
> any breath holding competitions - just want some clarification ;)
Ubiquity tests are only executed for Ubuntu but it is pretty 
straightforward to deploy them for other flavours. The tests are a 
subset of the manual tests described on the iso tracker.

The code is part of Ubiquity [2] If you plan to use it for your own 
flavour and need some help with the deployment ping me (jibel) on 
#ubuntu-quality on freenode.
You can also contribute to this project by adding more test cases :)

[1] https://launchpad.net/auto-upgrade-testing


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