Suggestion: Use the latest xfwm4 development version (4.13) for Xubuntu 17.10

Thanos Apostolou thanosapostolou at
Tue Jul 25 12:50:40 UTC 2017

I've seen that linux mint has already updated xfwm4 to version 4.13 
( Additionally, 
arch has and AUR package with the latest xfwm4-git and it is used by the 
most xfce users that I know.

The main advantage is that it is supposed to fix screen tearing which is 
experienced by many users who currently have to use the outdated compton 
compositor or the broken (in my opinion) compiz window manager in order 
to fix those problems.

Would it be possible for you to upgrade xfwm4 to the latest development 
version even if that mean that you won't do it through the proper 
channels (debian would never accept a development version in it's 
repositories as far as I know)? Do you think it's a good idea?

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