Testing Xubuntu Core 17.10

Emery Fletcher albinard at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 16:51:14 UTC 2017

Test of current Xubuntu Core 17.10 ISO

Downloaded the AMD64 ISO and dd’ed it to a USB

Tested it Live on a 2009-era Compaq, AMD CPU, BIOS system, 3GB RAM,
Nvidia GeForce 8400 graphics card.

In the Live run just checked to see that it could mount the existing
partitions, then ran the installation from the Install icon.

Chose the easy install (erase disk and use it all), it went very fast.

Only glitch was at the reboot prompt (“remove media and press Enter”):
the Enter press did not cue the restart, so I used Ctrl-Alt-SysRq-B.

Started my usual setup (sudo apt install synaptic, pick the software
from there) and got a few things installed before running out of time.
Overnight Suspend woke up fine this morning.

Did my usual setup Firefox, Dropbox, LibreOffice.  This installation
seems no different from the other Xubuntu Cores I've done: everything
is working well, I've installed everything I need so
far, and I'd say you have another winner here!

Thank you again, and if an amateur like me can be of any further help,
please ask!

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