Inclusion of gnome-font-viewer in future releases

Mariusz Kubański mkubanski at
Fri Apr 28 11:10:23 UTC 2017


As a regular user, I have a small suggestion regarding default programs
installed in Xubuntu.

I think that *gnome-font-viewer* would be a very nice inclusion. It's very
light & simple, doesn't need any dependencies (that aren't already met in
default Xubuntu) as far as I know.
Why I think it should be included? It's useful to view the fonts that are
already installed on our system, but most important it helps to add a new
font by just a click of a button.
As could be seen on this screenshot:

So to summarize: lightweight, user-friendly, in official repos, not
bloated, without a need for additional packages.

Open for discussion.

Best regards,
Mariusz Kubański (Spass)
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