umount and auto-completion

Florian Coste fcoste21 at
Tue Sep 13 09:07:17 UTC 2016


I've seen something weird with the command umount with the auto-completion.
The auto-completion doesn't seem to work.

I have an usb key called "Xubuntu 16.10 amd64". I verify that with the
command lsblk.

Then, I type 'umount /media' then I press 'tab' to have the autocompletion.
With 16.04, the autocompletion completed correctly with backslash :
"/media/nairwolf/\ Xubuntu\ amd64"

But, now, with Yakkety, the autocompletion stops before the first space.

There is a screenshot to explain what I have :

Don't forget that I'm typing only "umount /media", and then, I press tab to
have the autocompletion. And this picture is the result of the

Is it a bug ? Is it caused by umount, or by the auto-completion ?

I'm unable to reproduce that with other basic command like "ls", "cd" or
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