rad.cer rad.cer at seznam.cz
Wed Oct 12 07:10:02 UTC 2016

Good morning.
I am now beginning with Linux and I am testing all versions of Ubuntu:
Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu (there may be more of them)
Because the only difference is (probably) the GUI the suggestion is to join 
these projects into 1 and create 1 common installation where user could 
switch between different GUIs. (at least during installation)

Why? Because there are so many distros that are almost identical (not only 
Ubuntu clones) and it makes the situation user-enemy (the opposite of user-
friendly). I believe that this step could help the Linux community to behave
as 1 subject, as 1 Linux and attract much more people. My experience is that
ordinary people are scared of Linux and prefer Windows, because Windows 
speak clearer language as there are only 1 Windows at the time. 

This mail does not need to be answered, it should only reach important 
people and owners of mentioned distros.

Radovan Cerny
Czech Republic.
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