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Florian Coste fcoste21 at
Mon Oct 3 13:12:19 UTC 2016

2016-10-03 14:39 GMT+02:00 Rob Peters <makitso at>:
> Florian,
> OK,  I am testing xubuntu 16.10, ubuntu 16.10 and ubuntu-gnome 16.10.
> Update-manager has failed (crashed)for quite some time in xubuntu 16.10
> and ubuntu-gnome.
> On xubuntu, after the crash apport starts but says bug has already been
> reported.
Hi Rob,
You're saying the bug has already been reported, but I don't see him at
launchpad. Do you have a link to share it, please ?

When I'm trying to report this bug, I have this message :
"The problem cannot be reported:
This is not an official Ubuntu package. Please remove any third party
package and try again".

I can confirm the crash.
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