Suggestion: Replace Evince with Atril

JMZ florentior at
Fri Nov 11 11:41:42 UTC 2016

Hi Thanos,

I think you're on to something.  Why not include atril and evince in a 
release, and let the user decide if she prefers one or the other.  It's 
a cinch to apt-get remove one or the other.  I've often thought the same 
of brasero and xfburn.  In my view, brasero is vastly superior.  Hey, de 
gustibus ...


On 11/11/2016 06:02 AM, Thanos Apostolou wrote:
> I would like to make  a suggestion for Xubuntu 17.04 (and the next
> releases). I don't know if this mailing list is the right way to do it.
> Please consider to include Atril by default instead of Evince for the
> future releases. Pros of Atril:
> 1) I believe it's lighter (even with its gtk3 build) though I haven't
> done any specific tests to support this opinion.
> 2) It has more traditional look, which feels better for distributions
> like lubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu mate.
> 3) The linux mint group created Xreader (part of the X-Apps) based on
> Atril and not Evince (it has to mean something that they prefer atril).
> 4) Finally (and most important), Atril supports epub files (evince doesn't)!

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