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I never read and edit first before sending. I guess I will never learn now, given my old-age. I meant, (work tirelessly, that is never shown its' due gratitude).

Okay, I'll shut up.


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@ flocculant: Thank you, for bringing up this consideration.

I don't know if this is a subject discussed before or is new. Certainly new to me. I just started reading the mailing list and meeting logs basically. I am not in any way able to *ever be this person, but really see the value of this effort. As a casual user, it is hard to even know how to be involved with the core movers and shakers. It is waaaay over my head. I read things on #xubuntu-devel, on meeting lists, and just walk away with more confusion. But, I see much potential in this being helpful of Xubuntu's growth for we normal users.


- I think that giving a position chair on the council is pre-mature. But, if it could be written in such a way in the constitution to be included in the future if, this idea of a Community Group of Users is established, to be considered it in the future then, why not try to grow this idea.

- The core teams are always going to be needed and supported and have growth if Xubuntu will remain sustainable. This action could only help grow what we have now.

- I expect that there a large group of people like myself, that love Xubuntu and are grateful for the tireless work and time that the core groups produce for us. But remain, and will always remain left feeling as outsiders. For a number of *real reasons. I could go on and on, but we all know what they are. Time constraints, lack of expertise blah, blah, ...

- Belonging to an official Xubuntu Community Team, would be very satisfying and could grow to be a valuable asset in the future. Again, too many possibilities to list. Support for each other, a sense of inclusion in the Xubuntu project, growth of user numbers, and maybe a formal chair who is a User Team Lead who is included as a recognized formal team member. That would be satisfying for me to know that as a member of the "Community Team" I belonged to a group and could have a sense of inclusion through my membership where all its' members could contribute/have dialogue with, a fellow Community Team Member who has a voice and seat on the Council as User Team Lead. :)

- Let's not rush this as an all or nothing thing. We can investigate this, try to see if it is what the Core Team members want and what regular users want. If the "Community of Users" does become a viable group, and we remain open to there being a "User Team Lead" who is voted in to be the repepresentaive on the "The Council", it can happen if, there is a will for it and we not dismiss it now.

- Basically this. Let's try to grow this. And not close the doors to its' possibilities.

And to jump way ahead: we all know who would be an excellent first, "User Team Lead" if, he could be coerced/brought out of retirement from the forest. :)

In gratitude.

What say?

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