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Florian Coste fcoste21 at
Fri May 20 12:16:14 UTC 2016

Hi odm,

Although I don't use GSC, if Xubuntu users are savvy, it's still possible
for them to uninstall GSC if they don't need it. The contrary isn't
necessary true.

my two cents

2016-05-20 11:24 GMT+02:00 Adam Eveleigh <adam1eveleigh at>:

> Hi odm,
> I'm afraid I completely oppose this suggestion. I'm only a user, not a
> developer, but doesn't Xubuntu need to be as open to new users (from
> Windows and OS X, in particular) as possible? We don't want to raise the
> barrier to entry for them by requiring them to learn how to use more
> sophisticated/advanced package managing software like Synaptic. I think
> GNOME Software is *far* more friendly for first-time users than Synaptic.
> It's also a big improvement on USC so we can't go back to that either, and
> there aren't many other options in the way of user-friendly open-source
> software centers out there (I hear of AppGrid a bit, but that's not
> open-source; and there's Muon but we don't really want to drag in lots of
> KDE dependencies either, and GNOME is closer-related to Xfce since it uses
> GTK rather than Qt, though that wouldn't stop me supporting the use of
> Ubuntu Next apps in the future, if they're good enough).
> So even if you oppose the 'dumbing-down' philosophy of GNOME (3), then
> GNOME Software is the best software center we can use, really, for the
> sake of user-friendliness. But personally I object to your opposition of
> GNOME's philosophy, sometimes apps need to be simplified, otherwise they
> would eventually all end up like KDEs apps: hyper-complicated and
> potentially confusing for new users.
> If we want to attract more users from Windows and OS X then we need to
> ensure that Xubuntu is as user-friendly, and stable, as possible. I
> believe that this includes sticking with GNOME Software.
> Regards,
> Adam Eveleigh
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> >What is Xubuntu's stand on including it now? Do we have to follow what
> Ubuntu feels is needed for its' user base? Many people like Xubuntu for
> its' hx. of working code. I liked nautilus until it got dumbed-down, except
> for it wanting to draw the desktop in Xubuntu but, that could be worked
> around. I think gnome-disks worked well for people until, it was
> dumbed-down too. Now are we going to see similar from GSC?
> >I think for the most part, Xubuntu users are savvy enough to know they
> can install GSC if they want. We have cli like dpkg, apt-get and the coming
> apt, aptitude and of course for gui Synaptic. I would like to see Xubuntu
> break tradition and, not follow Ubuntu and have Synaptic included as the
> gui for app installation in Xubuntu .iso
> >What say?
> >mikodo
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