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Thu May 19 23:47:56 UTC 2016

What is Xubuntu's stand on including it now? Do we have to follow what Ubuntu feels is needed for its' user base? Many people like Xubuntu for its' hx. of working code. I liked nautilus until it got dumbed-down, except for it wanting to draw the desktop in Xubuntu but, that could be worked around. I think gnome-disks worked well for people until, it was dumbed-down too. Now are we going to see similar from GSC?

I think for the most part, Xubuntu users are savvy enough to know they can install GSC if they want. We have cli like dpkg, apt-get and the coming apt, aptitude and of course for gui Synaptic. I would like to see Xubuntu break tradition and, not follow Ubuntu and have Synaptic included as the gui for app installation in Xubuntu .iso

What say?
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