[TEAM] Proposal for the Xubuntu Council

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Sat May 14 22:58:12 UTC 2016


after a brief private discussion within the Xubuntu team, the team has
decided to pursue setting up a Xubuntu Council instead of electing a new
Xubuntu Project Lead.

After this discussion, myself and Kev have been drafting a proposal for
the council. Here it is in a nutshell.


– The Xubuntu Council (later: council) will replace the Xubuntu Project
Lead (later: XPL) position.
–A council term is2 years, always ending after an LTS release to allow
long-term planning.

– The council will consist of 3 members.
– The members will be elected based on a CIVS [1] vote.
– Anybody who is a member of the Xubuntu team [2] or a *direct* member
of any of the moderated subteams [3] can nominate themselves,or be
nominated bysomeoneelse with the candidates agreement.
– Everybody who is member of the Xubuntu team [2] and/or a *direct*
member of any of the moderated subteams [3] can vote.
– If a council member goes missing in action for 6 months, they should
be replaced by a new vote.
– If a new council member is elected mid-term, their term will still end
after the next LTS release.

– The council will decide on a chair whose term will last for the whole
council term.
– The chair will act as the official point of contact for Xubuntu.
–If the council chair wishes to relinquish chair, a new chair is chosen
as members (see above).

– The council is expected to take action,or respondto any issue within 2
weeks; if appropriate and fair, the first action can be postponement.
– If the council fails toreach consensus on an issue, the Ubuntu
Community Council acts as the final arbiter.

[1] http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/
[2] ~xubuntu-team on Launchpad
[3] ~xubuntu-release, ~xubuntu-dev, ~xubuntu-art, ~xubuntu-website,
~xubuntu-qa, ~xubuntu-doc on Launchpad


Note that while the proposal only allows people in moderated teams to be
nominated and vote, those moderated teams are open to anyone to join -
via sustained contributions to the project.

As an example, the QA team (~xubuntu-qa) was set up for these kinds of
social reasons; the team expects people from the testers team
(~xubuntu-testers) to be approved to the QA team once they have shown
sustained/substantial contributions enough.

In the same spirit, we're discussing the possibility to set up other
teams that have a similar social aspect.

TEAM MEMBERS, please reply with comments on this proposal. I'm pretty
sure this isn't the final version of what we want to vote on, so please
do commenting rather sooner than later.

Once we've voted on (and hopefully approved) a certain direction, we
still need to at least formulate that into a section of the Xubuntu
Strategy Document and run it through the Ubuntu Community Council. All
of the work items are in a Launchpad blueprint [4].


[4] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-y-council

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