Xubuntu Yakkety Daily Iso Status report

flocculant at gmx.co.uk flocculant at gmx.co.uk
Fri May 6 06:00:41 UTC 2016

We were hoping that the effort to get autotesting for flavour iso's 
would work out - it hasn't yet.

During the last cycle we had an iso test on the tracker (Image Test) 
which was a manual effort to check the iso boot and document it, this 
has now been removed.

 From this cycle forward we will be using http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-qa 
to document the current development Daily iso status.

The tracker tab should be fairly self-explanatory - a green tick for a 
pass, a red cross for a fail. When it resets, at 02:00 UTC, it will show 
the last recorded result in a dimmer green or red with (unconfirmed) 

It is still a manual check - it get's done once daily, early morning UTC 
by a member of Xubuntu's QA team.

To make this clear - _this only tests that our iso(s) boot to a desktop_ 
- it does not test applications and/or installation from the iso - those 
tests all still need to be run.

It is intended only to make it obvious to our testers if there is a 
known boot issue with an iso.

Thanks to Pasi from the Xubuntu team for setting up this tracker page.



Note: just in case anyone is interested to know, the yakkety image 
builds at 01:50, the 2 LTS dailies build at respectively 14.04 - 00:50, 
16.04 - 01:00.
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