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Hello József,

and thanks for your interest – all comments are welcome. Find comments

On 08/03/16 13:16, Makay József wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is József Makay – editor-in-chief at Androbit.net, exUbuntu,
> exOpenSUSE, exDebian, now Xubuntu user. If it's possible I want to
> share my opinion about Xubuntu desktop.
> Xubuntu's Xfce deskop is basically great but there are some (three)
> little thing with you can improve the user experience.
> 1. Panel on the top is very annoying when you are using a browser
> because tabs and task bar are too close to each other. Please move to
> bottom, million Windows-users will love it.

First of all, it's too late in the Xenial cycle to land this kind of
changes; the UI freeze is on Thursday, and changing default
configuration like the panel locations would require consulting the
whole team.

When you say the tabs and the panel are too close, what do you mean? Is
it an accessibility issue, eg. you can't see the difference between the
two? Or is it mostly an usability issue, meaning you will accidentally
click the other when you want to click the other? I'm not sure if I
would consider it either, but if a large group of users think it is,
then we should likely reconsider the panel location.

For what it's worth, we won't change our configuration because "million
Windows-users would love it". There needs to be good argumentation as to
why something is changed; while Windows is something most people have
used, it doesn't mean they have done everything "right".

> 2. Whisper launcher button is too small. Please, give a name
> (Applications) for this button and change the icon to a smaller, white
> icon.

Too small for what? Is this an accessibility or an usability issue?

There has been discussions about this before, and the team has decided
to use the "icon only" style. It can be considered for future releases
if it seems like there is a good argument for changing it. Again, it's
too late to land the change in the Xenial cycle though.

For both of the issues above, would you consider it's fairly easy to do
the configuration change yourself? Or in other words, would say one of
your arguments for changing the defaults is that it is too hard to
modify the defaults? One thing we can do to make it easier is to cover
the topic in the documentation.

> 3. Change the wallpaper. Everything is better than the current default.

I'm not sure which wallpaper you are referring to (maybe it's the brown
"development" wallpaper?). If you are referring to something else, I
would happily hear why do you think the wallpaper is "worse than
anything else".

We have a new wallpaper landing, hopefully before the UI freeze on
Thursday. I hope we won't be letting your expectations down and create a
worse wallpaper than the current one.

Ultimately, wallpapers are a matter of taste – some like them tuned down
and in the background, some like vibrant colors. What we're offering is
just something we consider a good default. If you don't like it, it's
easy to change as well.

Finally, if you are interested in working with the configuration
settings and artwork direction of Xubuntu in the future, keep on reading
this list and take part in the discussions on the development IRC
channel #xubuntu-devel on Freenode.

As I said before, we happily hear feedback from users, but to make
changes reality, the Xubuntu team needs to be convinced that the changes
are for the better. This also needs to happen well before the release to
actually have time to discuss and decide on things.


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