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Sun Jan 24 13:53:38 UTC 2016

Task: Help improve the Xubuntu Contributor documentation (Ubuntu)
By: Mark Angelo Tero
Mentor: Pasi Lallinaho

A copy of this Document is sent to the following address:
xubuntu-devel at

What can I do to help Xubuntu Team?
- I would like to help in the campaigning and advertising for xubuntu. I
can help to
 encourage more people all over the world through the significance and the
 features of Xubuntu using my connection in social media, personal
 and my knowledge in creating websites and blogging. I hope I can help the
Xubuntu team
 through my feedback .

Answers for the following questions: you an overview of the tasks that people can work on?
-Yes, the Xubuntu documentation gives people a lot to learn and practice,
especially to those
 who are beginners and still new on this platform. The Documentation gives
the people a
 higher advantage than those who haven't read the documentation yet. It
gives them more
 idea on the concept of Xubuntu and makes their humble beginnings easier.

..has information to help you perform these tasks?
-The documentation is well prepares and finalized. It contains the
information for
what the people are working on. And as what I've said earlier, it's
beginner friendly.
 It is well explained and elaborated.It helps you gain knowledge from 0 to
10. The
 team has done a great job in this project and recognition is a must.

..points you to the source code/material (where appropriate)?
-Sometimes people can't find the right source they've been looking for and
got confused
over the codes. Some sources does not work on some instances because as you
can see,
problems are unpredictable and some users don't know how to use these
You cannot tell if it's the exact problem to troubleshoot or is that that
the exact
code to use, more explaination and examples might help.
But overall, the document is still helpful and useful to the users.

..points you to resources where you can obtain more information?
-The Document gives useful links and resources for some things that need
clarifications and information . It provides address for people to have
their examples
and to have what they've been working to find. But sometimes, the linking
needs to be
simplified, for as you can see, there are links after and after. People
will get confused
due to too much relation. The links needs to be simplified and flattened
for the people
to get what they exactly need. lacking any essential information?
-Overall, the documentation useful and provides many information for the
The team should give more examples and instances for some part of the
where people easily get confused. Also, I would like to add that, as you
can see, the
documentation is very long and has many information. People will not be
able to complete
reading this and get bored. Well people easily get tired when they use
there brain a lot (reading)
than moving and otherwise will not continue reading. The team should add
more life and
entertainment to the documentation so that the readers will be more alive
and even more
persuaded when reading the documentation. The Team can add some memes,
strips, clipart, or cartoons related to the topic that can not only
entertain the readers,
but also help them relate and understand more of the topic and encourage
them to continue
reading the whole documentation.

I hope you my thoughts are heard and very well accepted. Thank you and have
a nice day.
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