Package inclusion schedule for 16.04

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at
Sun Jan 17 19:48:43 UTC 2016

Does such a package inclusion schedule exist?  If so, please reply with 
a URL.  Thanks.  As 16.04 is in alpha #1, I didn't want to create a bug 
report nor rush the lsb package developers in any other way.

I am writing as I own an Epson XP-410 multifunction printer whose 
drivers (Epson-proprietary and open software versions) are dependent on 
the package lsb.  Packages lsb-base and lsb-release are both present in 
16.04 but do not satisfy the dependency requirements.

On the bright side of things, the upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04 was 
(except for temporary lsb issue) 100% flawless on my HP Pavilion 
dv3-1075us Laptop (circa 2009).  It was like upgrading to a fully 
released Xubuntu.  Great integration and quality control!

My apologies for not being around for much testing this past several 
months as the other aspects of my life have been commanding my attention.

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