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Wed Jan 13 03:35:01 UTC 2016

flocculant at wrote:

> Now that the xmas break is all but a memory, time to reboot some testing
> - we're now just 12 weeks away from the Release Candidate [1]
> If you've been using the Xenial version at all, but haven't yet checked
> out the tracker [2] please do so.
> If you've found issues but haven't yet reported them please do so - and
> consider reporting it on the tracker as well - I get e-mails when a bug
> is reported on the tracker - I read them.

Something interesting; after setting the mouse pointer to RedGlass 
size 48 things were not as pretty as expected.  Google suggests that 
the problem is long standing.  

The pointer changes as it moves over different windows: RedGlass, 
standard, RedGlass, standard, etc.  

Behavior improves after logging out and in again, but not when 
rebooting and auto logging in.  So, the configuration is not written 
immediately or it is not read until LightDM is run.  Worse, some 
(misbehaving?) applications will still use the system settings rather 
than the user settings after logging out and in again.  

Options include; 
1) badger every application writer to do the right thing 
   (doomed to fail), 
2) open a password dialogue box and change the system settings 
   (a bit anti-social on a multi user system), 
3) offer two choices - user or system.  

If option two or three is felt to be correct then it is an 
upstream XFCE bug, or if option one then there are a whole 
lot of bugs.  

Does this deserve a bug report or a feature request on launchpad, 
tracker, or at XFCE?  

> If you're wondering what all the fuss is about - in April we're going to
> release a version we have to support for 3 years, finding things now
> makes life easier for others ;)
> I'll take this opportunity to advertise the new contributor docs [3] as
> well - we're obviously more concerned with the middle chapters here ...
> Last advertisement in this mail for the IRC session we're hoping to run
> shortly given sufficient interest [4]
> thanks all
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

blind Pete
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