Community Council checkup for this cycle

Michael Hall mhall119 at
Mon Jan 4 20:09:50 UTC 2016

Hello Xubuntu team,

Every cycle the Community Council likes to check in with each of the
teams in the community to evaluate how well they are doing, identify any
problems or blockers that we can help with, and discuss ways to grow
those parts of the Ubuntu community.

We currently have your team scheduled for Thursday, Feb 4th, at 1700 UTC
in the #ubuntu-meeting IRC channel. We don't need everybody to attend,
but if those who can be there will gather feedback from those who can't,
it would help make the meeting more productive. If you have any team
reports you can share with us ahead of time, that would be helpful as well.

Of course, you never need to wait for these regular catchups to get help
from the CC, we are available any time the need arises, and are always
happy to help in whatever way we can.

Thank you, and keep on making Ubuntu great!
Michael Hall
mhall119 at

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