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Mon Feb 8 01:55:19 UTC 2016


My name is Giovanni and I am from Paraguay and currently living in 
Philadelphia. I've been testing Xubuntu since 2012. I've always wanted 
to contribute to the Xubuntu team but I am not a programmer. I have 
done localization for other projects such as LibreOffice, Scribus, 
OwnCloud, etc. I looked doing the spanish translationg for xfce but it 
is completed.

Xubuntu originally comes with Greybird themes which I think it goes 
very well with XFCE. Xubuntu also uses Elementary icons.

I have designed 5 Greybird themes and I was wondering if the Xubuntu 
team would be interested in adding it to the themes family.

Greybird-yosemite (The name could change)
Greybird-americana (based on yosemite)
Greybird-thick (makes it easier to resize the window) (needs some work)

For anyone who would like to test it, download it from here.


Themes can also be found at xfce-look.org

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