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due to various things, we can't take direct money donations at this time.

If you want to help out, you can buy some of the officially endorsed 
products [1]. We do not get money directly from these, but the vendors 
are working with us and we get some free stuff to send out to contest 
winners etc. And you get some nice products too!

If you still don't want any products but want to donate financially [2], 
you can look at either offering some money on Bountysource to support 
the Xfce developers or donating to the Canonical "community projects" 
pool, from which the Xubuntu team (members) can make requests to. For 
example, the development server for Xubuntu is funded from this pool.

Finally, you can contribute directly [3] to the project. You don't need 
any specific skills (we need people with all kinds of skills), you only 
need time. Contributing the project is the most useful way to "donate" 
as all work will go directly to help the project.

I hope this helps you figure out what to do, even if we can't accept 
direct donations.



On 2016-12-15 20:55, johannes.jaumann at wrote:
> Hello
> Xubuntu is the best Distro at the moment Ive checked suse , ubuntu 
> Unity, but the far most best is xubuntu.
> best desktop, even better than Linuxmint.
> Can you enable Donation?
> I would give some money, I do this too for wikipedia and Libre office.
> Greetings
> Johannes jaumann
> Schloßstraße 9
> 89561 Dischingen

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