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I am not sure how useful the following is:

( Acknolwedge that Linux should be written as GNU/Linux btw )

I run the Torbay Tech jam,  we were donated about 25 netbooks HP110
and 210 models,  I am in the slow process of installing Xubuntu 16.04
on to these.

1. Upon installation, all the hardware works nicely out of the box
2. The system runs at a nice speed and does not generally appear sluggis
3. Xubuntu is ideal as a lightweight Linux based distro for this purpose
4. Xubuntu and Arduino IDE / Hardware seem to play much nicer together
than my desktop Mint 17.3 desktop, (there are too many factors at play
here to make a proper assessment, suffice to say it seems to work better

End of this process we will be lookng at about 15 - 20 netbooks
running xubuntu (or at least that initially, the tech jam will be
about allowing people to experiment with things.  the tech jam also
has 6 laptops on which 4 i am intending to put xubuntu to replace the
current linux system with something more up to date

To comment on what is below about sticking with Linux systems my
desktop is 100percent Linux, as is my netbook and 2nd netbook which
runs xubuntu,  the other hardware runs Mint.

This has been the case for several years,  my dads laptop is dualboot
Linuxmint and windows 10 (upgraded from 7) Windows to me just runs badly

Hope these comments help


On 07/08/16 01:43, Rudi Servo wrote:
> Hello,
> Actually not a bad idea and I see what Pasi is trying to do.
> Get the word out by social media so people will gather around and
> see what really happening with Xubuntu and it is not just another
> distro. It's important for people, not only who is looking for
> Distro, but specially for the community to rally itself and see who
> uses it and why.
> For open source development, there is nothing better then a Nix
> distro and thats where I think Xubuntu excels at, lightweight
> poweruser distro.
> So a bit of social marketing wont hurt it will actually get more
> people interested in.
> Gratz for the Distro, keep it up.
> On 06-08-2016 09:53, JMZ wrote:
>> Hi Pasi,
>> I apologize for the rather pessimistic tone of my original post.
>>  Despite all my evangelization efforts over the years, no person
>> I know has "stuck with it" and become an avid Linux user.  You
>> are right. Sow the seeds of Linux widely.  Who knows where it
>> will bloom?
>> Good luck with the campaign, Jordan
>> On 08/06/2016 04:37 AM, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>>> If you look at it from the other side of the coin, why create 
>>> something that you don't want to spread to as many people as
>>> possible?
>>> Cheers, Pasi
>>> On 2016-08-06 03:13, JMZ wrote:
>>>> Pardon my confusion, but why market something that's not for
>>>> sale?
>>>> I've been using desktop Linux for quite some time, and I
>>>> would never, ever return to Windows for personal use (I fix
>>>> MS machines frequently though).  I love the amazing
>>>> flexibility of bash, and the open platform for xfce among
>>>> other environments.
>>>> Desktop Linux has a low single digit adoption rate because
>>>> the vast majority of critical system functions can't be
>>>> performed from within the gui.  If someone is unwilling to
>>>> use bash or another shell, he or she will probably get
>>>> frustrated and go to Windows or OSX.  The cli is holding
>>>> Linux back from wider adoption, but there's no way around
>>>> learning and using commands.
>>>> Jordan
>>>> On 08/05/2016 08:04 AM, Sean Davis wrote:
>>>>> This sounds like a good idea to me. If there's any way we
>>>>> can simplify the process (copy and paste template, online
>>>>> submission form, etc) I feel like that would improve the
>>>>> quality and quantity of submissions.
>>>>> On Mon, Aug 1, 2016, 5:24 PM Pasi Lallinaho 
>>>>> <pasi at shimmerproject.org <mailto:pasi at shimmerproject.org>>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hello team,
>>>>> especially during the #LoveXubuntu campaign we've got quite
>>>>> a bunch of "thanks" from our users. These include stories
>>>>> about how Xubuntu has made the users' computing experience
>>>>> better, good arguments for why Xubuntu is the best OS for
>>>>> them (and potentially others) etc.
>>>>> Currently, we are officially only gathering submissions for
>>>>> the #LoveXubuntu contest, but some of these mails has left
>>>>> me thinking we could gather some of these "testimonials"
>>>>> for potential marketing purposes in the future. Use cases
>>>>> that I can imagine from the top of my head include the
>>>>> Xubuntu flyer, our website and more.
>>>>> My proposal (in a very early idea stage) is that in
>>>>> addition to specific contest and campaigns, we could use
>>>>> the Xubuntu-contacts mailing list for gathering these
>>>>> "testimonials" and thanks. This would need some kind of
>>>>> organization:
>>>>> 1) Create a page that describes what we are looking, with 
>>>>> instructions (see further points)
>>>>> 2) Require the submissions to have a certain tag at the 
>>>>> beginning of the subject This helps us when we seek for any
>>>>> content in the mailing list archive.
>>>>> 3) Require the submitter to agree that we can use their
>>>>> content however we want (either by licensing, or a generic
>>>>> permission) We likely need the users to send this approval
>>>>> with their submission on the mailing list. To do this, we
>>>>> can instruct them to specify which license they want to
>>>>> use, or use any kind of general permission text. At this
>>>>> point, I would say we shouldn't approve content which 
>>>>> license or terms isn't specified (clearly enough) on the
>>>>> mail.
>>>>> What do you think?
>>>>> At the same time, I want to remind that anybody in the team
>>>>> who wishes to read the mailing list archive can simply ask
>>>>> to get subscribed. The list has been very light in traffic
>>>>> so far, so no extra hands are required for moderation at
>>>>> this point.
>>>>> Cheers, Pasi
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