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Willem Hobers whobers at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 13:52:52 UTC 2016

The aftermarket route is certainly the route I've taken, for the reasons
Pjotr described, and I would indeed prefer the LTS-only-release cycle.

Seems Pjotr read my mind just now. :-)

Xeep going strong. ;-) thanks for all the work.


Op 8 aug. 2016 15:12 schreef "PK" <pliniusminor at gmail.com>:

> In my experience, marketing-wise, Xubuntu is an excellent *aftermarket*
> product.
> People first start out with the Ubuntu or Linux Mint they've heard about,
> find out that performance on older hardware is a bit disappointing, and
> start looking for lightweight replacements. Then they find Xubuntu:
> lightweight, yet slick and user-friendly enough to be a complete
> alternative.
> Make no mistakes: the aftermarket is a very big market! Xubuntu is already
> a big player there, and likely to remain so. The various Ubuntu fora are
> full of testimonials of people who are happy with Xubuntu, or who advise
> others to start using Xubuntu on some older machine.
> I have one suggestion to make: the perceived quality of the "brand"
> Xubuntu can perhaps be improved when the only codebase is Ubuntu LTS and
> its point releases. So no more short-lived intermediate releases.
> Comparable with the release policy that Linux Mint has adopted in 2014.
> Keep up the good work! I's being appreciated by more people than you might
> realize.  :-)
> Regards, Pjotr.
> 2016-08-08 12:44 GMT+02:00 Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at shimmerproject.org>:
>> Hello Michael,
>> I'm not sure how this relates to what the Xubuntu team is planning to do.
>> This is mostly for the reason that Xubuntu is a completely
>> community-driven project and no money is put into the marketing. For this
>> reason, the marketing tends to be more on the passive than active side.
>> This means that we do not really do the kind of outreach you are describing.
>> On the subject of converting, I don't think anybody in the team is
>> working on Xubuntu because they feel the need to convert everybody into
>> Linux. At least my personal main motive isn't to try to convert people to
>> Xubuntu, but to make Xubuntu better for myself and thus for the others as
>> well.
>> That said (but while we have absolutely no statistics on the subject,
>> specifically as we don't do active marketing), I know that a lot of people
>> have converted from other (non-Linux) operating systems to Xubuntu.
>> Finally, the proposal I made was simply to gather testimonials and thanks
>> that come to us naturally, not actively going looking for it either.
>> Rather than being negative and sceptic about the power of marketing, I'd
>> like us to celebrate what we love about Xubuntu. We can't ever please
>> everybody, so it is better stick to what we think is the right way to go
>> and people will follow.
>> Cheers,
>> Pasi
>> On 2016-08-08 12:53, michael meelis wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For what is worth, that is what I have been going (as a lead) for 5
>> years full time with http://www.freshbook.nl/faq/
>> (check with google translate Dutch-English (or your language))
>> (Note: Site design is now also 5 years old. Also click through to
>> youtube for timestamps).
>> I can tell you the whole case from:
>> * First Windows user found the UI too ugly, so we make Xubuntu look
>>   really cool
>> * Than we had to make videos to show how cool it is (seeing is
>>   believing).
>> * Than we made a teaching video of 3 hours (production took one whole
>>   year). Youtube kept on flagging it with violation on public domain
>>   stuff. Even with videos that where uploaded much later. That **we**
>>   were as violation their content that they had ripped from us!!! (GO
>>   FIGURE)
>> * Than we had 10 (+1) professional cartoons made to point out Windows
>>   Annoyances. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zAQwetfXvw or
>>   The +1 video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NShpY_oSs4
>> * Than we had to make a cool website because ppl believe more what they
>>   **read** than what they see with their **own** eyes. Weird but true.
>> * Than we organised events all over the country (NL) where ppl could try
>>   it out on their own computer. Help them upgrade and transition.
>> * Than we took each weekend a stand at a different summer fair. To show
>>   it to ppl that where not looking for it.
>> * Than we recruited supporters to go out an do it.
>> In the whole process we spent a **lot** of money on 3rd parties, salaries,
>> PR, advertisement, flyers, marketing, etc, etc.
>> Summer of 5 years work: we converted no one!!! Let that sink in!!
>> Near no one! Only ppl who where already convinced we have helped with
>> the transition. The conversion rate of near 0% is is statistically
>> significant. We have have written it of as some sort of Mind Control to
>> keep ppl in the dominant systems. To check this theory we retested it
>> with Andriod users with slow smartphones. Same results.
>> So do what you have to do but expect nothing.
>> Hope this feedback helps,
>> Michael
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