[TEAM] Gathering "testimonials" for marketing purposes

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon Aug 8 10:44:43 UTC 2016

Hello Michael,

I'm not sure how this relates to what the Xubuntu team is planning to do.

This is mostly for the reason that Xubuntu is a completely 
community-driven project and no money is put into the marketing. For 
this reason, the marketing tends to be more on the passive than active 
side. This means that we do not really do the kind of outreach you are 

On the subject of converting, I don't think anybody in the team is 
working on Xubuntu because they feel the need to convert everybody into 
Linux. At least my personal main motive isn't to try to convert people 
to Xubuntu, but to make Xubuntu better for myself and thus for the 
others as well.

That said (but while we have absolutely no statistics on the subject, 
specifically as we don't do active marketing), I know that a lot of 
people have converted from other (non-Linux) operating systems to Xubuntu.

Finally, the proposal I made was simply to gather testimonials and 
thanks that come to us naturally, not actively going looking for it either.

Rather than being negative and sceptic about the power of marketing, I'd 
like us to celebrate what we love about Xubuntu. We can't ever please 
everybody, so it is better stick to what we think is the right way to go 
and people will follow.


On 2016-08-08 12:53, michael meelis wrote:
> Hi,
> For what is worth, that is what I have been going (as a lead) for 5
> years full time withhttp://www.freshbook.nl/faq/  
> (check with google translate Dutch-English (or your language))
> (Note: Site design is now also 5 years old. Also click through to
> youtube for timestamps).
> I can tell you the whole case from:
> * First Windows user found the UI too ugly, so we make Xubuntu look
>    really cool
> * Than we had to make videos to show how cool it is (seeing is
>    believing).
> * Than we made a teaching video of 3 hours (production took one whole
>    year). Youtube kept on flagging it with violation on public domain
>    stuff. Even with videos that where uploaded much later. That*we*
>    were as violation their content that they had ripped from us!!! (GO
>    FIGURE)
> * Than we had 10 (+1) professional cartoons made to point out Windows
>    Annoyances. See:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zAQwetfXvw  or
>    The +1 video is:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NShpY_oSs4
> * Than we had to make a cool website because ppl believe more what they
>    *read*  than what they see with their*own*  eyes. Weird but true.
> * Than we organised events all over the country (NL) where ppl could try
>    it out on their own computer. Help them upgrade and transition.
> * Than we took each weekend a stand at a different summer fair. To show
>    it to ppl that where not looking for it.
> * Than we recruited supporters to go out an do it.
> In the whole process we spent a*lot*  of money on 3rd parties, salaries,
> PR, advertisement, flyers, marketing, etc, etc.
> Summer of 5 years work: we converted no one!!! Let that sink in!!
> Near no one! Only ppl who where already convinced we have helped with
> the transition. The conversion rate of near 0% is is statistically
> significant. We have have written it of as some sort of Mind Control to
> keep ppl in the dominant systems. To check this theory we retested it
> with Andriod users with slow smartphones. Same results.
> So do what you have to do but expect nothing.
> Hope this feedback helps,
> Michael

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