[TEAM] Gathering "testimonials" for marketing purposes

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon Aug 1 21:24:05 UTC 2016

Hello team,

especially during the #LoveXubuntu campaign we've got quite a bunch of 
"thanks" from our users. These include stories about how Xubuntu has 
made the users' computing experience better, good arguments for why 
Xubuntu is the best OS for them (and potentially others) etc.

Currently, we are officially only gathering submissions for the 
#LoveXubuntu contest, but some of these mails has left me thinking we 
could gather some of these "testimonials" for potential marketing 
purposes in the future. Use cases that I can imagine from the top of my 
head include the Xubuntu flyer, our website and more.

My proposal (in a very early idea stage) is that in addition to specific 
contest and campaigns, we could use the Xubuntu-contacts mailing list 
for gathering these "testimonials" and thanks. This would need some kind 
of organization:

1) Create a page that describes what we are looking, with instructions 
(see further points)

2) Require the submissions to have a certain tag at the beginning of the 
This helps us when we seek for any content in the mailing list archive.

3) Require the submitter to agree that we can use their content however 
we want (either by licensing, or a generic permission)
We likely need the users to send this approval with their submission on 
the mailing list. To do this, we can instruct them to specify which 
license they want to use, or use any kind of general permission text. At 
this point, I would say we shouldn't approve content which license or 
terms isn't specified (clearly enough) on the mail.

What do you think?

At the same time, I want to remind that anybody in the team who wishes 
to read the mailing list archive can simply ask to get subscribed. The 
list has been very light in traffic so far, so no extra hands are 
required for moderation at this point.


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