IRC Testing sessions

flocculant at flocculant at
Wed Apr 27 18:11:09 UTC 2016

Similar to those we set up during the last cycle - we are considering 
doing the same for this cycle.

While we've not settled upon when we would be running them, it is likely 
that the first will be towards the end of May or in June.

What would help us right now would be the likelihood of attendees.

The first would cover both ISO testing and package testing during the 
same session and be a brief run-through for newer testers.

Later sessions, if there is a need, would cover things with a bit more 

So right now a simple 'yay' from you, if you would attend, will give us 
some idea of whether it's worth running, we can then follow up with more 
concrete times.



Xubuntu QA Lead

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