[TEAM] Milestone participation for the Yakkety cycle

flocculant at gmx.co.uk flocculant at gmx.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 11:59:35 UTC 2016

My position is that we only participate in the Final Beta.

My reasoning being :

  * 1 - while we might get a handful of people testing - they only see
    what's been listed - rarely see new things listed
  * 2 - users think it's something to use for weeks and weeks - totally
    breaking the use of the dailies
  * 3 - more work in-house dealing with both release notes on wiki and
  * 4 - we have to provide someone now (read one of the release team -
    read me ;) ) and again to run the milestones with -release team

While points 3 and 4 deserve mention - it is points 1 and 2 which are 
more important imo.

I don't believe that we gain much from doing the first beta and it in 
fact is more likely to cost us.



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