LightDM GTK+ Greeter

Robert Peters makitso at
Thu Apr 7 17:12:07 UTC 2016


I was going to wait to see of todays updates made any difference but no 
it did not. So, here is the minor problem to an otherwise great release.

I have several machines running 16.04 Xubuntu. I noticed that on some 
systems at the Greeter Login screen, that the user theme was not staying 
displayed. By this I mean that first, the default blue would show for a 
couple of seconds, then the display would switch to the user’s desktop 
theme and then a few second later it would switch back to the blue 
default color.

So, to test, I did a clean daily install in Virtualbox and this behavior 
is not evident. However, I used the same ISO and did an install on a 
Thinkpad T60. On this system at boot, the login screen theme displays 
correctly. However, if one logs out then the Greeter screen is the 
default blue.

Thanks for a really great product!


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