2 Bugs xubuntu 15.10

Mateusz Martuszewski mateuszmart at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 21:04:41 UTC 2016

hello, I havefound two bugs in my Xubuntu 15.10

first is when I pun my computer in sleep mode and when he woke up he dont
want to connect too a wifi network, so to connect to wifi I have to click
connect to hidden network and type from the list, It doesn't happend
everytime while I sleep my computer but often.

Second bug is with the logotype of xfce, when I open some window and It
appear on the task bar, and I just click on this window in task bar and I
move it to the right the logotype of the "start xfce botton" dissapear,
this bug I saw first time in 14.04 version but on 15.10 its still happend,

sorry for my english :)
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