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Tue Sep 22 19:24:49 UTC 2015

The first image available for Final Beta testing should be available 
shortly at the tracker for testing [1]

Due for release on Thursday 24th - we need to test this image for 
installs and upgrades.

Probably the most important of the pre-release milestones. This is the 
penultimate opportunity for testing what we'll be releasing at the end 
of October, anything found during the RC test phase (unless it's going 
to cause a non-release) is rather too late.

So please roll up your sleeves - grab yourself an image or two and test 
for all of us.

While people might not think that reporting to the tracker has any 
importance - it does.

If it ever gets to the state that we only have a /few/people reporting, 
prior to us releasing for /many/people to download it, we would be in an 
rather unenviable position.

While the team involved in getting our image in a position for release 
is motivated and committed to doing so, we are also perhaps too 'close' 
to see all the bugs, we are totally reliant on users and those of you in 
our testers LP group to test for us. Even if the whole of Xubuntu Team 
ran the dev version for a whole cycle - we would only see a few bugs 
compared to more of us all (users and team) doing so.

What you see now is in the main what will be seen in that LTS release - 
so if it's not working properly now, then unless we know - it's not 
going to be working then.

I'll repeat the bug tagging request we have made recently - please tag 
bugs (for applications) as *xubuntu-exp wily*

Bear in mind that in effect the last few regular releases since 14.04 
have all been leading up to the next LTS - the cycle after this.

So, effectively what we are asking for you to do now - is to treat this 
as an early test for the XX cycle.

While we would hate to do it, if reported tests on the trackers is 
really low we would have no real option left but to not mark as ready on 
the tracker - marking as ready is the first stage in releasing the 
image. Without that release doesn't happen.


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