Looking for someone to pilot my study's software on Xubuntu (paid)

Steve Dodier-Lazaro sidi at xfce.org
Sun Sep 6 09:33:01 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

Some of you may know me as 'sidi' on the IRC channel, I'm a former Xubuntu
developer currently doing PhD research at University College London, in the
UK. I'm conducting a field study on how Linux users multitask, and I'm
currently looking for a pilot participant to verify all my data collection
tools work properly on Xubuntu. I'd like to invite you to participate to my

The study involves installing a PPA that ships modified versions of the
GLib, GTK, Thunar and Xfwm, a library that logs system calls, along with a
few tools for you to visualise the collected data, suspend data collection
and upload your data to UCL. I'm looking to collect just under a week's
worth of data, and to interview my participant at the end of the week for
one hour. Pilot participants will earn £30 (~€41) at the end of the week,
and will be proposed to enroll in a second part where they can earn more

If you're interested, you can learn more at
https://study.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multitasking/web/hello and sign up at
https://study.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multitasking/web/register. Feel free to email me
any questions you have!

If you can't make it this time round, I'll be recruiting 10 participants in
a few weeks from now, so you'll get a chance to participate and earn up to

Steve Dodier-Lazaro
Xfce Design SIG / Security SIG
Free Software Developer
OpenPGP : 1B6B1670
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