Changes to the meeting structure

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Sep 3 21:50:23 UTC 2015


per an action item (self-)assigned to myself [1], here is my proposal
for changes in the Xubuntu community meeting structure.

1) Stop running the "Team updates" section

Pasting the updates in a meeting means more work (through having to
memorize/note down items) for contributors. It also means that those who
can't attend the meeting (which means many people per meeting), can't
paste the updates unless somebody does this for them.

Since we now have a timeline tab [2] in the tracker, most of these
updates can be seen live.

The only real change in action contributors would need to take would
apply to work items. Practically this means that everything that could
be worth mentioning for people outside the team - or added in the
release notes - should be in the blueprints. Doing the updates like this
also improves their findability. As I see it, this isn't much different
from what we currently do, or at least what I try to do.

Finally, the updates that aren't worth/important enough to add to the
blueprints could still be shared in the meeting, thus...

2) Rename the "Announcements" section to "Updates and Announcements"

This is just semantics, but it should be done to avoid confusion and be
more accurate.

I'm not the one who approves or disapproves the notion, but please do
send feedback. This way we can likely vote about the changes around the
next meeting.



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